“I sei petali” is a type B Social Cooperative striving to help reintroduce women, victims of violence and abuse, into the job market.

With the support of CADMI (Abused Women Shelter of Milano), our founders started up the Cooperative with the objective to create jobs and promote independence for all women who managed to overcome violence and those still fighting against it.

Tahnks to a project of Comune of Milano the Cooperative can give an answer to this need. The objective is to promote, rebuild, renew and update women professional competencies, through field experience in low cost shelter.

Therefore the Cooperative’s objective is to provide women with the necessary tools to listen, welcome, identify client’s necessity in order to provide them with help and prompt support.

“I sei petali” Cooperative firmly believes that dedication to accommodation and hospitality is comparable to bettering quality of life. For this reason it is very important for us to offer accommodation in a positive, calm, rewarding environment, for as long as needed through a low price but high quality service.

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